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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Use of Funds

All money raised in the Rotary AIDS & Community Health Walk support Canadian-based charities that increase the overall health of our communities.

75% of every donation will be received by the eligible charity selected by the team or individual walking in support of that charity.

The remaining 25%, after minimal event expenses, will be received by the Stephen Lewis Foundation, our residual beneficiary for 2021.

Past Residual Beneficiary Recipients Include:

  • Feed Ontario
  • Latinos Positivos
  • Ontario Aboriginal HIV AIDS Strategy (OAHAS)
  • Casey House Toronto
  • Toronto People with AIDS
  • Matangwe Clinic in Kenya
  • Ongutoi AIDS Clinic, Uganda
  • The Teresa Group
  • Dignitas International, Malawi
  • CSRAI, Canadian Support for Rural African Initiatives, Tanzania
  • Emmanuel International Malawi
  • Ebenezer Children’s Home, Kenya
  • CES Canada, African Orphans

Every donation will:

  • save lives
  • bring hope, healing & education
  • help people in Ontario

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity!

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